How To Keep Your Kids Flu-Free This Fall

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he school year is in full swing and many parents are worried about the threat of flu coming this fall. If you want to keep your child happy and healthy in the cooler months to come, there are some ways to prevent sickness from spreading, even when you’re not around as a parent. Here are…

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Urgent Care v. Emergency Services for Kids

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Recently opened urgent care centers have increased the number of services that are available for people across the county. Even though some of these centers specialize in pediatric care, many parents are still unfamiliar with the urgent care model. Many end up using emergency services in order to cover their bases. Here’s a quick look…

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What To Do When You Have An Ankle Sprain

You usually associate ankle injuries with children falling off the slide or not watching where they step. However, ankle sprains can happen to just about anyone, especially when you’re older. If you think you or your child have an ankle sprain, here are the steps you should take. Determine if it’s really injured While breaks…

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Common Allergies That Can Spark A Reaction In Children

It’s common for children to grow out of their allergies over time, but for many children, a strong allergic reaction can put them in the hospital. Keep in mind that childhood allergies have a genetic component, but it’s best to get your child checked for allergies early. Here are some of the most common allergies…

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How to Deal With Differing Degrees of Medical Danger

Life is filled with many different dangers. Some are extreme, some are minor. It is how one copes with those dangers that defines health and happiness. Knowing the difference between an emergency and an urgent issue can save both time and lives. This is true in most aspects of life, but more specifically, this is…

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5 Tools Every Parent Needs For Sick Days

Parenting is hard enough without having to deal with sick children. From packing school lunches to drawn-out bedtime rituals, parents rarely have it easy. When your kids get sick, though, life takes an even more trying turn. So, what are some of the tools you can use to help deal with sick children? Nearby Urgent…

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