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Five Locations

New Location
2400 K St
661-885 9909 Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm Daily
New Location
9917 Olive Dr
661-695 9656 Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm Daily
9710 Brimhall Rd 661-829-6747 Hours: 8:00am – 9:30pm Daily
9500 Stockdale Hwy 661-735-3943 Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm Daily
4871 White Ln 661-832-1679 Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm Daily

Our Family Urgent Care Services

At Bakersfield’s Accelerated Urgent Care, our goal is to provide the highest quality patient care delivered by emergency-trained doctors to both Adults and Children.

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AUC offers each patient concierge-level service by providing prompt and effective service which includes diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. Our physicians at Accelerated Urgent Care have been working in Bakersfield since 2004. We value your time and will make getting urgent care near you a great experience for you and your family.

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