What To Do When You Have An Ankle Sprain

You usually associate ankle injuries with children falling off the slide or not watching where they step. However, ankle sprains can happen to just about anyone, especially when you’re older. If you think you or your child have an ankle sprain, here are the steps you should take.

Determine if it’s really injured

While breaks are fairly easy to determine,

5 Common Pediatric Health Issues That Are Treated At Urgent Care

Childhood illnesses and injuries are common as your child explores and grows, but there are some common reasons your child might end up in an urgent care facility. But when it comes to children, what does urgent care treat?


Especially prevalent during the spring and summer months, allergies are a common reason that children might wind up in an urgent care clinic.

Common Allergies That Can Spark A Reaction In Children

It’s common for children to grow out of their allergies over time, but for many children, a strong allergic reaction can put them in the hospital. Keep in mind that childhood allergies have a genetic component, but it’s best to get your child checked for allergies early. Here are some of the most common allergies that can land your child in a family urgent care or other emergency care.

Common Parental Emergencies You Will Face as Your Kids Grow Up

Being a parent means constantly being poised and prepared for something to go wrong. This could mean a broken plate or something much more serious, but children are a daily struggle. Here are some of the most common parental emergency situations and how to handle them.

  1. Tooth Pain
    Dealing with regular pedi center dentist visits might have seemed like a rough ride at the time,