5 Causes of Dizziness And When You Should Go to Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are in place to help you deal with medical issues that need to be addressed, but might not be threatening enough to require emergency services. Emergency care is helpful in certain circumstances, but when it comes to health concerns like severe dizziness, it’s best to consult with an urgent care professional.

Dizziness is the actually the second most common complaint heard in doctor’s offices,

5 Ways Urgent Care Centers Can Cut Down On Wait Times

Emergency services are necessary when it comes to various health concerns. Luckily, there are quality urgent care centers all across the U.S. that provide excellent healthcare services. Unfortunately, even in the better urgent care facilities, there can often be problems with efficiency.

Although roughly 60% of all urgent care centers have a wait time of less than 15 minutes to see a doctor or mid-level provider,

The Truth About Bakersfield California Emergency Rooms

Have you ever wondered whether you should visit an emergency room or an urgent care center? You are not alone. Each year thousands of Bakersfield California residents go to the emergency room. Many patients end up waiting hours and paying thousands of dollars in extra fees to treat medical situations that could have been handled for lower costs by one of our Accelerated Urgent Care centers.

When Should Bakersfield Residents Use a Local Urgent Care Center?

Life threatening crises, like a heart attack or a serious head injury, always demand either calling 911 or a trip to the hospital Emergency Room (ER). If you are in doubt about the seriousness of your situation, always go to the ER.

When to Use Urgent Care

Every year, millions of people go to the ER when they could have received quick and reliable care at a local urgent care center.