Good Foods to Feed Your Sick Toddler

Being a new parent is so exciting but can also be scary. You’ve read all the parenting books, taken all the classes, and always listen to your doctors. You feel as prepared as possible. Unfortunately, life is not something that you can be fully prepared for.

Although you’ve done everything right, it is still possible for your child to get sick.

5 Ways Urgent Care Centers Are Reshaping Healthcare

Did you know that according to Urgent Care Association of America’s estimates, 3 million patients visit urgent care centers every week? That’s a lot of people visiting neighborhood walk-in clinics instead of a hospital emergency room, and for good reason. Family urgent care centers are significantly less expensive than hospitals and stay open longer than your general care practitioners’

How Family Urgent Care Facilities Can Unclog Overcrowded Hospitals

If you are in need of medical treatment but are unsure what warrants a hospital visit, consider an urgent care center. Hospitals can be quite crowded and often take a long time to provide care for anyone not in immediate need of medical help. In fact, Milliman conducted a private study of Emergency Room visits and found that 44-65% could’ve been attended to at an urgent care clinic instead.

5 Causes of Dizziness And When You Should Go to Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are in place to help you deal with medical issues that need to be addressed, but might not be threatening enough to require emergency services. Emergency care is helpful in certain circumstances, but when it comes to health concerns like severe dizziness, it’s best to consult with an urgent care professional.

Dizziness is the actually the second most common complaint heard in doctor’s offices,