IM and IV Antibiotics

Intramusuclar and Intravenous Antibiotics

What are Intramuscular or Intravenous Antibiotics?

Most Infections tend to improve with oral antibiotics (antibiotics by mouth.) When infections are moderate or severe, most doctors will send the patient to the hospital to receive antibiotics through the blood stream which will heal the infection much quicker. This can be performed through an injection (a shot) of antibiotics, or having an intravenous line placed directly into the blood stream (IV antibiotics).

Usually, most patients are sent to the Emergency Room by your regular doctor to have this done.

Accelerated Urgent Care has certified nurses who are able to give injections as well as place intravenous lines in patients and administer intramuscular and intravenous antibiotics to get you back to your normal health faster! This way, you are able to skip the Emergency Room wait, and the high cost!