Unmasking TikTok Health Trends

TikTok has become the home of viral trends and a source of information about everything. With influencers increasingly creating viral challenges and fads showcasing nutritional and health information, it can be hard to know what trends to jump on or give a wide berth.

While some of these trends may seem fun and easy, some are outright unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. Let’s explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of these viral trends.

TikTok Trends
TikTok Trends

5 Harmful TikTok Trends You Should Stay Away From

Chlorophyll Drinking Water

This viral trend encourages followers to put a drop or two of chlorophyll in their drinking water. This miracle drink is supposed to help stimulate the immune system, cleanse your intestines, deodorize sweat glands, energize the body and even prevent cancer. While this may sound fantastic, it’s unfortunately not backed by any scientific research. This trend is harmful as Chlorophyll side effects may include stomach aches, light sensitivity, and dermatitis.

Dry Scooping Pre-workout Powder

This trend aims to boost the effects of the pre-workout powder’s ingredients, such as vitamin B, amino acids, creatine, and caffeine. This challenge is dangerous to your body, as the large amount of caffeine in the powder could severely impact your heart. Ingesting the powder dry instead of mixing it with water will keep you dehydrated, which is bad during a workout.

Garlic Nose Challenge
Garlic Nose Challenge

Garlic Nose Challenge

This challenge involves sticking a clove of garlic up your nose to get rid of a stuffy nose and clear your sinuses. However, this could end up more harmful than helpful. While garlic has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, they are best utilized when ingested typically in food. Sticking stuff up your nose could land you in an emergency room or with irritated skin around your nose from the natural gasses in the garlic.

Teeth-Whitening Using Hydrogen Peroxide

While hydrogen peroxide is present in teeth whitening products, it’s usually in low quantity and used in combination with other ingredients. Using it in its pure form can lead to damaged gum and teeth. Too much use will damage your teeth’ enamel creating more problems for you.

DIY Mole Remover

This hack involves removing unwanted moles from body parts by scrapping or picking them. This trend is painful and risky as it might lead to infections, scarring, etc. Removing moles at home without a dermatologist could lead to undiagnosed cancer as there is no way to biopsy the tissue.

5 TikTok Fads that are Just Hype

Lettuce Steeped in Hot Water

This trend involves soaking lettuce in hot water to cure insomnia. Though some videos suggest adding peppermint tea to the concoction, this hack is not backed by any research and sadly does not work. Unless you like soggy lettuce, this hack has no known benefit whatsoever.

Frozen Honey Snack Challenge

This fad involves freezing honey to form a jelly-like chewable snack. While honey in small doses has excellent benefits, taken in massive amounts, it can be harmful. If consumed in excess, it can raise your blood sugar and lower your blood pressure. This hack can be a great snack if you can substitute the honey for fruits or use it sparingly.

Lemon Coffee

Lemon coffee has been touted as an excellent weight loss remedy and endorsed by dozens of health influencers. Unfortunately, this has zero scientific endorsements and could indicate an eating disorder. If you enjoy this beverage, well and good, but if you are using it to lose weight, it’s time to try something else.

Abdominal Shake Dance

This dance weight loss challenge involves participants shaking their chest and hips forward and backward while doing a twist. This 5 min workout dance is supposed to aid in reducing belly fat. While it’s a fun workout, spot reduction fat loss is a myth, according to experts. However, if you enjoy this workout, incorporating it into your full training will give you the desired result.

Burnt Oranges Hack

If you lost your taste bud during the pandemic, it might be time to try this hack. Also known as the Jamaican orange cure, it involves scorching an orange over a fire and then consuming the peeled fruit with brown sugar. While many swear it works, no medical or scientific research can back it up. If this appeals to you, give it a try and see if it works for you, as there are no known side effects.

5 TikTok Trends You Should Definitely Give a Try

Rice Water
Rice Water

Rice Water for Hair Growth

Rice water or water that has been used to soak or boil rice is hailed as a remedy for repairing unhealthy, broken hair. Rice water has Inositol, which aids in hair renewal and encourages hair growth. This hack is cheap and easy; if you want healthy, glossy hair, go ahead and try it.

Natural Cereal Challenge

This trend is surprisingly healthy and delicious. The fad involves eating a bowl of mixed berries with coconut water, breakfast cereal style. With low-sugar fruits and coconut water full of minerals, this natural cereal makes for a wholesome breakfast or snack. To make it even healthier, use low-sugar coconut water.

Facial Icing Hack

This challenge involves using ice cubes in a covered cloth to massage your face to lessen inflammation. Cold is excellent in draining surplus fluid from the lymphatic system and alleviating swollen skin. It can also brighten your skin tone and reduce eye bags. Luckily this is a harmless and natural hack, so go ahead and enjoy.

Workout Challenge

This challenge involves raising the treadmill to a 12% incline, three mph velocity, and walking for 30 min. This great cardio workout could help you stay fit or lose desired weight if incorporated into your usual workout plan.

Aloe Vera Juice

This fad has been a recent obsession for Tiktokkers; fortunately, it has excellent benefits for the body. Aloe Vera is a great antioxidant that can aid in keeping away diabetes and cardiac infarction. It’s also great for gastric issues and lousy skin. While the benefits of this juice are great, too much could lead to a stomachache or the runs. A glass a day is enough to keep you healthy and refreshed.

So before taking advice from your favorite Tiktokker, research whether the trends are safe and backed by science or medical research and are not a marketing gimmick. Staying healthy and health-conscious requires being watchful about what you eat and subjecting your body, so watch out… AND ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST!

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