What Separates A Pediatrician From Other Physicians?

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When your child is sick or injured, the best thing you can do is search for “find a pediatrician near me” online. But why wouldn’t you look for a regular physician for your child?


There are a few primary differences between a family doctor and a pediatrician. Here’s why you want to visit Bakersfield pediatrics over other doctors for your child.


What is a pediatrician?


A pediatrician is a doctor that specializes in children’s health. They have at least three years of pediatric residency under their belt, making them a key resource in treating the illnesses and bodies of children. They might also be called a baby doctor.


Pediatricians are an essential resource in the medical field since they specialize in child development that might affect young children.


What is a family doctor?


A family doctor will typically have experience treating children as well as adults, but they carry little specialization. They have experience in a variety of medical topics and issues, enabling them to care for just about anyone. But if a specific issue comes up, they might have to refer you to a specialist.


What sets a pediatrician apart?


Not only do pediatric doctors specialize in infant and child care, but they’ve also trained to interact with children. Their bedside manner makes them the perfect person to garner information from uneasy children and set them at ease during a trying time. They’ve tailored their care with children in mind, making them the best choice if your child is experiencing health issues. Better yet, they’re experienced with talking to stressed-out parents.


After all, children are more prone to breaks, strains, and health issues as their immune system develops. It’s estimated that five out of every six children will experience at least one ear infection by the time they turn three. But many kids will have three or more by that age.


Simply put, a pediatrician just has more experience working with children. Even your local 24 hour pediatric urgent care can offer the best in child care in the event your child is sick. When you catch yourself wondering how to find a pediatrician near me, search for one of the great pediatric centers in Bakersfield today. Our pediatric urgent care staff will work with your children to get them back on the playground.