3 Common Sports Injuries To Watch For In Young Athletes

Kids are notoriously resilient; they always seem to pick themselves back up after a rough fall or a painful-looking tumble. This is especially true for young athletes; kids in sports seem to injure themselves all the time, only to wind up with a few minor bumps and bruises. But what about when childhood injuries from sports are more serious? Sometimes sports injuries are going to require more than just a bandage or two. Here are some common sports injuries that may require you to seek nearby pediatric urgent care.


    • Ankle sprains: This injury is common in not only young athletes but in patients of all ages. An estimated 25,000 Americans suffer from a sprained ankle each day. Generally, a visit to a nearby pediatric urgent care center is a good idea with ankle sprains, but most will heal largely on their own with a short period of immobilization and being careful to not reinjure it.


    • Knee and joint pain: A wide variety of knee and joint pain can occur in youth sports, due to the combination of overworking the areas and the fact that young bodies are not as well equipped to handle the physical demands of some sports while growing. While any sort of severe, sudden joint pain should be taken to urgent care or an emergency room, long-term low-level discomfort is an issue best taken to a family doctor.


  • ACL tears: ACL tears unfortunately happen fairly frequently among young athletes and can be fairly serious. Typically, they are caused by a sharp or uncontrolled twisting motion in the leg, which can happen easily for athletes. Tearing this ligament in the back of the knee can require surgery to fix, particularly in young athletes, and will require seven to nine months of recovery time. If you suspect a torn ACL, look for emergency care as soon as possible.

If you or your child is in need of urgent care, contact Accelerated Urgent Care to ensure you get the treatment you need as quickly as is possible. Accessing treatment quickly can prevent worsening injuries and make sure you are in full health as soon as possible.