Reasons Your Child Might Need To Go To Urgent Care After Camping

how much is an urgent care visitIf your child has gone on a camping trip this summer, it’s likely that they may have contracted an illness or injury while venturing out into the great outdoors. Look out for these common camping illnesses and hazards that might result in a trip to an urgent care nearby.


Rashes are a symptom of many illnesses associated with camping. A rash is simply an irritation of the skin, but it might look much worse if it’s the first time you’ve witnessed it. Rashes are often caused by poisonous plants, like poison ivy, but they can also be caused by allergies.

A rash might also be a sign of illness. Rashes can form from tick bites that cause Lyme disease, but trekking in swamps can also cause Leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that can cause a skin rash. Visit a free clinic near you at the first sign of a rash.


Animal bites from spiders and snakes rank as a top hazard for the avid camper. While your child knows not to go near them, you never know when a chance encounter can result in disaster. You should immediately seek an emergency room or your closest urgent care facility in the event of a bite from an animal.

While mosquito bites in the U.S. are usually no call for alarm, getting treatment for tick bites is crucial since they carry dangerous Lyme disease and other bacterial illnesses.

Food poisoning

Camping over a fire pit seems great in theory until you’ve eaten undercooked meat. Be sure to thoroughly cook food roasted over a fire and keep your opened drinks in frigid temperatures to avoid bacteria from collecting. While food poisoning isn’t often fatal, it’s important to seek medical attention in the event of poor food safety.

Sprains and fractures

Hiking, sports, and other camping activities will result in your child navigating the often difficult terrain. This can result in ankle sprains or fractures. Luckily, four in five urgent care facilities offer care fracture treatment in the event your child twists an ankle while camping.

How much is an urgent care visit, however? Luckily, your local family urgent care accepts most insurance plans. It’s more affordable than the emergency room, and faster trying to find a pediatrician quickly. When you worry, “how much is an urgent care visit,” you can rest assured you’re getting the best treatment for your money at urgent care centers across the United States.