Are You a New Parent? Know the Answers to These 3 Important Questions

closest hospital to meCongratulations on bringing a beautiful newborn baby into this world. You’ve been extremely anxious and excited over the last nine months, and now it’s time to really get to work. Being a parent is now your number one priority, and you need to do everything in your power to keep your baby safe and healthy.

Because the first week after bringing a new baby into this world is often the most hectic, knowing the answers to these important questions can make your time as a parent much easier. Because it’s totally normal for new parents to freak out over completely normal developments, here are some essential questions you need to ask yourself during your first week of parenting.

Where is the closest hospital to me?

If your baby is sick or in any amount of pain, it’s essential that you and the rest of your family know where the closest hospital to meet is located. There are quality pediatric urgent care centers that have highly trained staff who can help you and your baby with any medical issue, but you need to know how to get there, how long it takes to travel there, and if it’s the closest location (without sacrificing quality).

Hopefully, you never need to rush to a hospital or urgent care facility near you; however, simply knowing this information can give you peace of mind.

Is my sleep schedule going to change?

Yes, very much so. You might not get a solid eight hours of sleep for the rest of your life, but that’s okay. Your number one responsibility is now to care after your adorable newborn. Even if your baby is up and crying all day and all night long, as soon you begin to rest your eyes and attempt to sleep for a few hours, the crying will undoubtedly start right back up again. Try not to stress yourself out too much by thinking about all the sleep you’re losing… it’s a rite of passage that all new parents must go through.

Do I know how to identify a cold and other illnesses?

The average child catches between about six and 10 colds a year, and it’s only a matter of time until your son or daughter gets their first fever, cold, or ear infection. While many illnesses pass on their own, you may need to seek pediatric care at some point in the near future. If your infant has a serious cold or illness, you should immediately seek medical attention to ensure that it’s nothing more serious and to help your baby feel better. Don’t think that every sniffle is a cold, however, because babies are also tiny little snot monsters. But be sure to know how to identify certain health concerns that would require emergency services.

As long as you are taking your parenting duties seriously, you and your baby will have a happy and healthy first week, first year, and (hopefully) a wonderful life. If you’re still unsure of the answer to the question “where is the closest hospital to me,” then start researching hospitals, pediatric care centers, and urgent care centers near you today!