Locating the Closest Urgent Care Center in Bakersfield, California

When urgent care services are needed, they are needed immediately. Therefore it is a good idea to know what urgent care centers are closest to your present location. No matter where you are in Bakersfield, Accelerated Urgent Care has a location that is close to you.


If you live in the northern part of Bakersfield, our urgent care center at 9710 Brimhall Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93312 is a good location to remember. It’s close to residents who have nearby access to Westside Parkway. This urgent care center serves Bakersfield residents who are in the vicinity of the 93312 and 93311 zip codes.


Our Accelerated Urgent Care center at 9500 Stockdale Hwy #100, Bakersfield, CA 93311 is a good choice for those who find themselves in either north or central Bakersfield and want a quick and easy location to access. If you are in the vicinity of California State University Bakersfield or Stockdale Highway this is a prime location for you to choose. This advanced urgent care center services residents who live in the 93311 zip code region.


Bakersfield residents who live further South may find our 4871 White Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93309 facility closer to their location. We are located at the corner of White Lane and Stine. If you are near the Valley Plaza Mall, or find yourself close to the communities of Wible Orchard, Venola or Gosford you will be close to our White Lane center.


Creating a mental map of the closest urgent care center to your current location is important.

Accelerated Urgent Care has built our urgent care centers in locations that are easily accessible to all Bakersfield residents. Our physicians and staff can can rapidly recognize and obtain a diagnosis on a broad array of urgent medical conditions. We have doctors and healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable and can provide a wide variety of services. Learning more regarding the different urgent care centers around you will allow you to identify treatment options that are close to you.


Be prepared and stay safe.