Minor Cuts

Repair of Minor Cuts

Most minor cuts and abrasions don’t need a doctor’s care.

When to come in to Accelerated Urgent Care?

  • The wound is on your face
  • The edges of the cut are jagged or gape open
  • The cut is deep
  • You can see fat or muscle. These are signs that you may need stitches
  • You can’t get all of the dirt or debris out of the wound, or the wound was caused by something very dirty or rusty
  • You have a puncture wound or a cut and haven’t had a tetanus shot in the past 5 years
  • The wound is from an animal or human bite
  • The injured area feels numb

Accelerated Urgent Care is able to close your wound in a sterile (clean) fashion with either sutures or glue. Our Providers are all Emergency or Urgent Care trained with moderate experience.