Pediatric Urgent Care

Pediatric Urgent Care in Bakersfield

At Bakersfield’s Accelerated Urgent Care, our goal is to provide the highest quality urgent patient care delivered by emergency-trained doctors. Excellent customer service, given to each patient in a friendly, comfortable environment, is our standard. Our seven Bakersfield urgent care clinics offer each patient concierge-level service by providing prompt and effective service which includes diagnosis and treatment of the following medical conditions that are often experienced by infants and children.

Common/General Services for Children and Infants:

Accelerated Urgent Care offers pediatric urgent care, treating infants and children experiencing diarrhea, asthma, sore throat, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, bronchiolitis, and ear pain.


Our Bakersfield Urgent Care Clinics can provide medical care for injuries such as broken bones, cuts and lacerations, fractures, sprains of the wrist, knee, shoulder, or elbow. We can also treat injuries caused by a fall from less than 7 feet, or from a crush incident.

In addition to treating children with an urgent illness or injury or a skin condition, we also offer additional medical care services, including physical exams, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, and preventive screenings. We invite you to learn more about all of the urgent care and medical services offered at our seven Bakersfield urgent care clinics.

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Accelerated Urgent Care has seven urgent care clinics located in Bakersfield. You can call one of our seven urgent care clinics to make an appointment at our Bakersfield pedi centers or you can schedule an appointment online using Clockwise. We also accept walk-ins at all of our Bakersfield locations. Please contact us for any additional information.