How To Keep Your Kids Flu-Free This Fall

he school year is in full swing and many parents are worried about the threat of flu coming this fall. If you want to keep your child happy and healthy in the cooler months to come, there are some ways to prevent sickness from spreading, even when you’re not around as a parent.

Here are some tips for preventing the flu this fall.

Get the flu vaccine

Each year brings a new strain of the flu. This means even if you got the flu vaccine last year, you’ll have to get it again every year thereafter. It’s frustrating (especially if you hate needles) but it’s the best way to prevent you and your family from contracting the flu.

Luckily, many free clinic options and urgent care facilities offer free flu vaccines. Search for urgent care nearby to get the flu vaccine by simply typing “Urgent care services near me” into your preferred browser. You should get hits for a Bakersfield urgent care centers.

Teach proper handwashing techniques

You might have done a wonderful job teaching your child how to wash their hands, but if they don’t do it for the right amount of time or fail to do it often, your child might still get sick. Encourage your child to wash their hands after they cough or blow their nose and before every meal. This will help stop the spread of germs between children and prevent any germs on the child’s hands from getting into their mouths. This is especially vital if your child has seasonal allergies. Ragweed is going to be particularly bad this year, so ensuring your child has hand sanitizer and tissues on hand is a necessity.

Know where the nearest urgent care is located

If you got your flu vaccine from your primary health practitioner or pediatrician, you should still look for urgent care nearby. In the event your child contracts the flu, 24 hour pediatric urgent care facilities can help take care of your child when your doctor cannot. It will also save you a costly trip to the emergency room if their symptoms get particularly bad.

Look for “urgent care services near me” to identify the closest urgent care when you want to keep your family safe from the flu.

Flu season is upon us and it’s up to you to ensure your family stays safe this fall. When 3 million people utilize urgent care facilities each week, they’re the best alternative for your primary care doctor. Look for the nearest family urgent care for more information on the flu, 24 hour services, and fracture care today. All you need to do is type “urgent care services near me.”