5 Common Pediatric Health Issues That Are Treated At Urgent Care

urgent care near meChildhood illnesses and injuries are common as your child explores and grows, but there are some common reasons your child might end up in an urgent care facility. But when it comes to children, what does urgent care treat?


Especially prevalent during the spring and summer months, allergies are a common reason that children might wind up in an urgent care clinic. Your nearby urgent care will be able to treat children for the most common allergies, helping the 8.4% of kids who suffer from hay fever, the 10% who have respiratory allergies, the 5.4% with food allergies, and the 11.6% with skin allergies.

Sprains and breaks

Any minor sprains and breaks are easily treated at your closest emergency care clinic. Whether your child is an athlete or not, regular sprains and breaks could happen at any point during rough play or accidents. Make sure they’re carefully checked out at an urgent care clinic to ensure the injury doesn’t need setting or a cast.

Bug bites

These warm summer months create the perfect breeding grounds for a slew of bugs. But what does urgent care treat in regards to bug bites? Ticks, spider bites, and any other unknown bug bite that you think should get checked out. They’ll also perform a blood test should you need one. Ticks are especially dangerous during the summer due to the fact they carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Visit a pediatric urgent care, especially if your child begins to show signs of infection, including swollen red skin, pus, fever, or discoloration.

Strep throat

The most notorious of childhood illnesses, strep throat often requires antibiotics to help your child recover. This infection causes fever, fatigue, weakness, sore throat with red spots, painful swallowing, and digestive issues, including diarrhea and vomiting. If your child experiences any of these symptoms, it’s best to bring them into an urgent care nearby (search online for “urgent care near me”).

Cuts and burns

Much like sprains and breaks, if your child experiences a cut or burn, you should bring them to an urgent care to prevent infection and get proper treatment.

What does urgent care treat? Luckily, pediatric urgent care centers treat most of the same illnesses that might land adults in the local hospital. For children, however, a pediatric urgent care is necessary to deal with the differences in health and treatment between adults and children.

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